#TopFiveFriday- Drinks!

It’s difficult for me to just sit and read without doing something else with my hands, otherwise I end up cutting my pages. So today, I’m making my top five favorite things to snack on and drink while reading. Again, sorry for the


  1. Mountain Meditation Loose Leaf Tea from becstea.com. I am finding it increasingly difficult to go back to regular tea bags from the grocery store since I’ve been drinking loose leaf. This flavor is my all time favorite at the moment, and i drink it every night!
  2. Passion tea (tazo brand)- the hibiscus flavor in the passion tea is the most unique that I’ve had from their brand. You can also order it from starbucks, but when I do, i ask for a pump of raspberry syrup to give it a little bit of sweetener (but not too much!)
  3. Apple Cider (thanks to my favorite coffee shop ever for adding it to their winter menu, I’m now obsessed)
  4. Muraho Morning brew from Land of A Thousand Hills coffee shop and bakery
  5. Ruli Mountain (also a brew from LOTH. click here for their coffee options)

Can y’all tell I’m obsessed with tea and coffee?

The prompts I am using is taken from the weekly meme hosted by Broke and Bookish. The link to the prompts can be found here.

#TopFiveFriday- Childhood favorites!

In my childhood, I was VERY close minded when it came to reading. There were very few book that I would read, and I would read them over and over until the pages tore. These were the book you would most likely find me reading in elementary school. I have a special connection with Shel Silverstein, and I plan to have one of his illustrations as my next tattoo.

  1. Falling Up by Shel Silverstein
  2. Runny Babbit by Shel Silverstein
  3. Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein
  4. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire– the only reason I read this book was because the movie was so great. its the first book I read in the series.
  5. Series of Unfortunate Events- started this series only because my 4th grade teacher started reading them out loud in class. I ended up finishing all of the books by the time we were at the 4th book in class.

The prompts I am using is taken from the weekly meme hosted by Broke and Bookish. The link to the prompts can be found here.

Amazing books I read because of Bookstagram

The beginning of 2017 marks a year since I started bookstagram and in March, it will be a year since i started this blog!! Last week I posted about not so amazing books I read because of bookstagram this last year, so now I’m being positive!

Throne of Glass & A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas– I jumped on this bandwagon a bit late, but I’m glad I did! These books are so incredibly well written and I am dying until A Court of Wings and Ruin comes out! these are by far my favorite reads of 2016!

Flawed by Cecelia Ahern– I received this book in my Owlcrate in April 2016, and i adore it! the main character is so well developed throughout the first book, and the ARC of Perfect (the sequel) I was able to get my hands on. The idea of a non-government society that holds the authority to punish people who have committed immoral infractions.

The Selection Series by Keira Cass– Ok, so this wasn’t really AMAZING, but it was definitely one of the cutest reads I’ve read in a while. I have had my eye on this series for a few years, but haven’t touched it due to the many negative reviews. I was worried it would be a waste of my time, however when I saw the hype surrounding the books about Americas daughter, I finally decided to sit down and read it….actually i read all 3 in one sitting…oops. I really really enjoyed this series. Unfortunately because of how I am, i went back and read the bad reviews and found myself agreeing with all of the things they were saying. its no ones fault but my own I guess. but I have definitely reread them a few time, which is why i only read 30 books out of my goal of 50.


Not so awesome books I read because of Bookstagram

In 2016, I bought so many books simply because of the hype surrounding them. When I got around to reading them, I found myself overwhelmingly disappointed by a lot of what I read because it really really didn’t live up to the hype. Here are a few.

Red Queen– What even was this?? I struggles so hard to get through this book simply because everyone I know who has read it insisted that the Glass Sword was even better. I am currently I’m the middle of Glass Sword and is still have not finished it after a month.

Six of Crows– When I last put this book down, I was 53% into it. That was about 2 months ago and I haven’t picked it up since. I just really cannot get my head in the plot, and while I love some of the characters, I feel like its not enough action and too much waiting around.

Cinder Series– The first book was enjoyable, the second book was not. Cress and Winter make up for that, however if I ever decided to reread them, I would skip Scarlet entirely.

Grisha trilogy– Once again, the hype was way too high. I am eternally disappointed by the role of the Darkling. He is my favorite character and when I realized he wasn’t going to be redeemed, I lost all motivation to read the trilogy. Haven’t finished the second book, because I hate Mal.

top 10 book couples!

Happy Valentines Day! Here are my top 10 favorite book couples!! (in no particular order)

  1. Feyre & Rhys-ACOTAR/ACOMAF by Sarah J Maas
  2. ROWAELIN!– Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas
  3. Rose & Dimitri– Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead
  4. Percy & Annabeth– Percy Jackson & the Olympians by Rick Riordan
  5. Meghan & Ash– Iron King series by Julie Kagawa
  6. Wendy & Loki– Trylle Trilogy by Amanda Hocking
  7. Cinder & Kai– Cinder series by Marissa Meyer
  8. Sydney & Adrian– Bloodlines by Richelle Mead
  9. Kylie & Lucas– Shadow Falls by CC Hunter
  10. Magnus & Alec– The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare (the book couple, NOT the TV show, I think TV version of Magnus comes off super creepy).

11 Ways Publishers Piss Me The Fuck Off

This post originally started as a short Facebook post, but it grew and grew until it had to become a blog post.

img_3606-jpgMovie poster editions of books. I started hating that when they did those horrible movie editions of the Twilight series. Don’t do that. Because most of the time, the movie sucks (@ Lightning Thief, @ Mortal Instruments movie AND tv show, @ Vampire Academy), and the ugly movie editions only remind us how horrible the movie was. Not to mention when I read a book I like to envision my own characters, but movie adaptations covers make it hard for me to see anyone but the actors and actresses on the cover while I’m reading the book. Especially when the actors/actresses are so not the right person for the role. *cringe*

“Now/Soon to be a major motion picture.” same reason why I hate movie editions.

Printed “stickers.” WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU PUT A BLURB ON THE COVER OF A BOOK THAT LOOKS LIKE ITS ON A STICKER WHEN ITS PRINTED ON THE PAGE?? What kind of honest to god fuckery is that?? This is why we can’t have nice things.

IMG_3623.JPGDifferent sizes/heights of books. If you publish a book series, pleeeeease make sure one of them isn’t shorter than the rest. For the sake of bibliophiles everywhere who are perfectionists. please consider our feelings. (smh mari mancusi, just ONE centimeter and you would have made it.

Mass Market paperbacks that are 10000 pages long. WHY??? I’m really talking about Game of Thrones and Winter by Marissa Meyer (just from my experience, I’m sure there are countless more). The front and back covers can’t even be called covers because they’re just as thin as the pages, and after the first reading, it looks like its been handled by a toddler.

Mass Market Paperbacks in general. Why are they even a thing at all?? Why are they so small? Why are the letters so scrunched together and hard to read? Why are the pages like tissue paper?? I have to completely break the spine to read all the way into the crease, then the spine art is completely unrecognizable. And also why is every single MMP have the same font?

231Printing the authors name larger than the title. Your name doesn’t tell me anything about the book. Why is it so big? Are you Anne Rice or Stephen King? Because those are the only exceptions. Not sorry. Take a chill pill. I am not gonna buy your book if I have to spend 5 minutes shifting through the mess on the cover to find and understand the title of your book and what it is. Complete turn off. Sue me. I don’t care.

Changing cover themes in the middle of a series. I’m STILL trying to find a hardcover edition of Shatter Me in the new covers, because the old cover doesn’t match the other two). Do you just enjoy our pain?? “hey, I’ve published half of my saga, I’m going to fuck everyone up real quick and make all new designs for the next two books and make it super difficult to find the first two in the same cover.” You are truly evil and I hope you offer from a million paper cuts. Not Sorry.

Boxed sets that don’t come with extra items (like a poster or extra epilogue or something) like? If I already own all the books why would I pay money for a box to put them in? That’s what shelves are for? And I usually won’t buy the boxed set of something I haven’t read before, it would be a waste of money if I didn’t like the books. Give me some exclusives!!!! The Selection Trilogy has a bonus epilogue and a short story which was great, until Cass published the same short stories in another book. OKAY THEN. Time to spend MORE money. *sigh*

Boxed sets before the series is finished. (hello fullsizerender-3Red Queen). Wait until the series is over and wrap up everything in a box set. I’m not gonna buy an incomplete boxed set for $60 when I can buy them individually for much cheaper.

When the spines don’t match. Oh you like this saga? Awesome! You found all four in the same binding? Even more awesome!! But wait…. what is that??? TWO of the books has the authors name in a completely different font, color, and size than the other two?? (FML) (looking at you Goddess Test saga)


Hey friends, it has been sooo long! I have been terribly neglectful of this blog and I’m going to try better! I was previously thebrokenshelfblog.com, but I have conducted a full makeover. New URL, new theme, new goal. I will be talking about a variety of more things, and hopefully have a schedule in place for posting regularly.